A typical main menu changes from system to system. In this example, we have access to all parts of the system from here and interoffice messaging at the bottom.

These menu buttons can change depending on login. A manager may want to see all these buttons, while the sales department may need fewer.

On the top right of the screen is a section called ‘My Bookmarks’. We created this feature so that any record in the system be it a docket, contact, or letter can be ‘bookmarked’ by an individual.

When they log into the system, they can see the items they have personally bookmarked, click on it, and be taken directly to the item.

At the bottom of the screen, this particular client asked for a messaging system to be available so communication about jobs weren’t simply a series of emails but actually connected to the job itself.

Other clients have wanted timesheet entry on the main menu, the choice is up to you.